Tips for Sailing with Kids

Sailing is quite an adventure, and children should not be deprived of it. In our port the weather is quite good, I would say 90% of the year, so a little getaway to sail should always be in the weekend plans, to enjoy with the family. And we cannot and must not forget about the safety of the children on board.

Here we give you 8 very basic tips that will make your sailing trip a safe and fun experience:

  1. Respect the weather

The first thing to consider is the weather factor. It is very important to go sailing in good weather. Therefore, it is essential to find out about the state of the sea and the weather forecast for those days. At Zihua Adventures we don’t even schedule trips without checking the time beforehand, this is something very basic that should not be postponed until last.

2. Life jacket

Another aspect to consider when there are small children in a boat is to ensure that they are correctly equipped with the life jacket at all times. In addition, it is important that there is always an adult watching their movements around the dangerous areas of a boat such as the stairs or the deck to avoid falls or strong blows.

3. Sun protection

In addition to the basic sun protection measures when you go to the beach with children, such as putting protective sunscreen on them, when sailing it is essential that children always wear a hat and that the boat has a shaded area, an awning, to give us a break from the unforgiving sun. In this way, parents can ensure that their children do not suffer heat stroke, burns or other mishaps on the high seas.

4. Sufficient crew

Not everyone has a great experience sailing by boat and to this is added that a person has to be entirely dedicated to the child. Therefore, if you can navigate with confidence alone, it will be enough for two adults to go on board, but otherwise, it is better to go with more people to be able to distribute the tasks.

  1. Impose some limits on children

The little ones must respect certain rules during navigation. Do not go to the front of the boat without an adult, stay away from the boom, do not go too close to the railing, are some examples. And if the weather conditions get tough, make sure your child is safe under deck. The child should also be warned about what to touch and what to stay away from, such as ropes during maneuvers so that they do not get burned.

  1. Teach the little ones about sea life

Show them how to use the toilets correctly, how to get around the boat, to find out where the boom is, the handholds and the handrails. If your kids are interested (and we see no reason why not), teach them something about boating. Show them the maps and instruments, explain what type of sails there are, teach them about the wind, have them participate when dropping anchor, always safely and supervised … All this will make them feel involved and most likely the passion for sailing may begin.

  1. Regarding safety

Physical safety is the top priority for children on board. Safety regulations must be strictly followed, especially with regard to younger children, no child should go to the foredeck when sailing, and if the weather conditions become really harsh, children should go to the bottom. For added security, a harness is also a good idea. However, apart from all these security measures, the best thing is the supervision of the parents and of course follow all the instructions of the captain

  1. Enjoy!

Finally, do not forget the most important thing: enjoy to the fullest the good times offered by the adventure of sailing together as a family. Enjoy the sea breeze, the sea, the tranquility, the games and all the funny anecdotes that may arise during the trip.

In conclusion, be responsible, supervise and teach your children and above all enjoy sailing with your family.


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